Angsana Spa

“Ansana Spa” was born in Phuket, Thailand in 2000 as a sister brand of “Banyan Tree Spa”, which has won numerous awards around the world, and operates about 40 spas around the world. increase.
In the treatment room, which is modern, elegant and vibrantly designed, you can experience the unique treatment of “Ansana Spa” using the treatment agent specially blended with natural flowers and fruits.


Information about Angsana Spa

Business Hours 10: 00-22: 00 (advance reservation required)
Treatment Room / Equipment 8 rooms
/ deluxe room (1 room / 56m2) Facilities: 2 beds, shower room, bathtub (large)
/ double room (2 rooms / 29.5m2) Facilities: 2 beds, shower room, bathtub (small)
/ single room ( small) 5 rooms / 15 square meters) Facilities: 1 bed, shower room


Angsana Signature

Vitality Starter $ 220/120 minutes
Muscle Stretching 30 minutes + Herbal Salt Compress 30 minutes + Body Massage 60 minutes
Relieves muscle tension and increases flexibility. After this wonderful treatment, you will be confident.

Essence of Angsana

Purify Touch $ 220/120 minutes
Ginger Warmer Body Polish 30 minutes + Vitality Mud Mask 30 minutes + Body Massage 60 minutes
Ideal for those seeking detox. Cleanse with a scrub while increasing blood circulation with warm ginger. Mud mask removes toxins and refreshes the skin.

Wally Free $ 160/90 minutes
Japanese Massage 60 minutes + Scalp Massage 30 minutes
Ideal for those who want to eliminate stress. Bali A traditional acupressure massage technique that relaxes muscles and promotes blood flow. A scalp massage will effectively cleanse your mind.

Wake-up call $ 160/90 minutes
Fusion massage 60 minutes + Foot massage 30 minutes
Suitable for activating the senses. The perfect combination to increase flexibility and restore tired muscles. A foot massage concludes the treatment.

Body massage

Angsana $ 125/60 minutes $ 160/90 minutes
A massage specially designed for Angsana Spa that stimulates the acupoints of the body and rejuvenates the inner “ki” or energy.

Fusion $ 125/60 minutes $ 160/90 minutes
A technique that incorporates Thai and Swedish massage to relieve body aches, relieve muscle stiffness and increase body flexibility.

Thailand $ 125/60 minutes $ 160/90 minutes
A traditional oil-free massage that has been in Thailand for over 2500 years. Stretching focuses on the meridians to increase flexibility and relieve tension.

Dreams $ 125/60 min $ 160/90 min
Designed for a tired body, this soothing massage uses sesame oil to relieve muscle fatigue.

Javanese $ 125/60 minutes $ 160/90 minutes
Incorporating ancient Balinese techniques, this massage deeply relieves tension and helps improve sleep patterns.

Quick fix

Back Energy $ 80
A slightly stronger massage will relieve back pain and tension.

Head & Shoulder $ 80 Head & Shoulder
A simple upper body massage that focuses on your shoulders will relieve you of fatigue.

Foot Loose $ 80
Stimulate your calves and soles with a massage to lighten your pace.

Body polish

Fruit Delight $ 80
[For Dry Skin]
Cleanse and lighten your skin with this antioxidant body scrub of orange, carrot, apple and lime juice.

Honey Sesame $ 80
[For normal & oily skin]
After exfoliating, the skin will be smoother. It also smells as sweet as honey after this treatment.

Oatmeal Banana $ 80
[For dry and normal skin]
A nourishing banana and oatmeal scrub.

Body conditioner

Aloe Cream $ 80
[For Dry Skin]
Aloe Vera stimulates the growth of new cells and moisturizes sunburned skin.

Honey Milk $ 80
[For all skin types]
A pouch of warm milk and sesame soaked in golden honey nourishes the skin.

Mud Mask $ 80
[For Normal & Oily Skin]
A mud cleansing treatment that detoxifies and nourishes the skin.

Olive Soother $ 80
[All types of skin]
This conditioner is a blend of olive oil and oatmeal to give your skin a beautiful sheen.

About using the spa

Terms of Use

Spa aims to restore the body and mind. Please observe the minimum precautions so as not to inconvenience other customers.
Children without a guardian are not allowed to enter.
Please speak in a quiet voice to respect the privacy of other customers.
The use of mobile phones and electronic devices is prohibited.

When visiting the spa, please wear loose-fitting casual clothing or bathrobes.
Disposable underwear is also available upon request.

We recommend that you make a reservation before you come, as you will receive the treatment on the desired date and time.

Please come to the spa 15 minutes before your treatment to avoid shortening your check-in treatment time.
If you are late for your appointment, your treatment may be shortened in order to comply with other guests’ appointments.

Special Notes
If you are pregnant, we may ask you to refrain from using essential oils.
We recommend avoiding massages and irritating treatments until the third month of pregnancy.
If you have high blood pressure, heart disease, allergies or other complications, we recommend that you consult your doctor before applying.
Please inform the therapist in charge about your illness.

Smoking and Drinking Smoking and drinking
in the spa is prohibited.
Before and after the treatment, avoid drinking alcohol and eating poorly digested foods as much as possible.

Cancellation Conditions
If you wish to change the reservation date and time, please contact us at least 24 hours before the confirmed reservation.
If you cancel after 4 hours before making a reservation, 50% of the fee will be charged as a cancellation fee.
If you do not contact us in advance, we will charge the full amount.

We recommend that you remove precious metals in the valuables spa.
Spa employees and management are not responsible for any loss of money or valuables brought into the spa facility.

Refund Conditions
Treatment packages are non-refundable.
Unused parts of the package cannot be transferred or exchanged at another time.

Cash and major credit cards are accepted.
Payment can be settled together with the hotel accommodation fee.
All charges are calculated in US dollars. Prices are subject to change without notice.