The fact that there are numerous activities available makes RIHGA Royal Laguna Guam Resort the best reason to stay. Feel free to participate in any of the activities that we have to offer.

Pool & Activity

Information about Pool & Activity

The hotel’s iconic pool and
full range of activities

In addition to the infinity pool with a spectacular view unique to a quiet location, we also have a variety of pools such as a pool where you can fully enjoy the slider, a kids pool, and a jacuzzi where you can spend a relaxing time.

In addition, enjoy activities unique to RIHGA Royal, such as yoga, surfing, and other activities lectured by local staff.



A magnificent view of the endless sea in front of you

An infinity pool where you can enjoy a magnificent view as if you were united with the endless sea.
In the evening, enjoy the magnificent sunset that slowly dyes the sea and sky in orange, and in the evening, enjoy the beautifully shining starry sky of the southern island.

With a Tropical Cocktail

Enjoy the best tropical cocktails with a good time in the tropical sun. We also offer smoothies and cocktails made with tropical fruits.

Guam's No. 1 Sunset

The most beautiful sunset in Guam that slowly dyes the sea and sky in orange. At sunset time on a cloudless sunny day, you may see a phantom green flash.

A Night Pool with a Fantastic Atmosphere

At night, there is also a night pool in a fantastic atmosphere where the lagoon is lit up. Enjoy the unique nighttime scenery such as the illuminated guest rooms and the starry sky.

LEISURE Pool & Kids Pool

Enjoy pool play to the fullest in the tropical sun

At the family pool, we have a popular slider that both adults and children can enjoy.
The kids pool is a 20 cm deep pool that is perfect for bathing small children, so you can use it with confidence.

Powerful waterslide

A popular waterslide that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike, you can enjoy sliding to the fullest in the tropical sun.

Also for baby pool debut

In the kids pool with a depth of 20 cm, a sunshade is installed so that you can enjoy playing in the water with peace of mind even in the sun.

Full rental listing

In addition to free rental of toys for playing in the water, we also rent out goods such as nets and balls that you can enjoy activities at the waterside.


After enjoying the activity, relax in the whirlpool

After spending a relaxing time in the pool, take a break in the warm water jacuzzi.
It is also recommended to spend a relaxing time watching the sunset, especially at dusk.

Pool Information

User guide

Infinity pool Leisure pool & kids pool Jacuzzi
Business hours 8:00AM – 8:00PM | Weekdays & Weekends (Saturday & Sunday) 11:00AM – 6:00PM | Weekdays &
9:00AM – 6:00PM | Weekends (Saturday & Sunday)
Area 390㎡ Family pool 780㎡
Kids pool 80㎡
Water depth 120cm Family pool 120-150cm
Kids pool 20cm
Use of float × ×
Life jacket for children
Free lending Free lending


* Not available to customers under 16 years old

Towel rental Complimentary with your room key


We offer a variety of activities that anyone, from small children to adults, can easily participate in, such as Yoga, Zumba, Belly Dance & Hula Dance, and Surfing that even beginners can easily participate in .


This is a free fitness center for hotel guests only. You can access it for 24 hours with your room key.


Country Club of the Pacific (affiliated golf course)

A prestigious golf course affiliated with our hotel

Guests staying at the hotel can take advantage of special discounts at our partner golf course Country Club of the Pacific.
We have created a course that will satisfy not only adults but also women, children and beginners.