Banquet & Events


Banquet hall & meeting room

Banquet Hall

At the large banquet hall “Ocean Serena”, you can see the dynamic images on the “Panorama Screen” that can only be achieved because the ceiling is high. Cars can also be exhibited. At the fantastic poolside, you can have a party full of adult atmosphere in the faint light.

Media Room

The media room is theatre-style and can accommodate up to 80 people. This venue can be used for a wide range of events such as board meetings and product launches. We will help you achieve the meeting you envision.

Laguna Square

As the weather in Guam can change quickly, we at RIHGA Royal are prepared for sudden downpours. Near the location for the poolside party, Laguna Square is RIHGA Royal’s covered backup venue. Feeling the tropical breeze will allow you to enjoy the celebration as if it were outdoors.

Atrium Square

It is ideal for holding various ceremonies at “Atrium Square.” On the back wall, it is possible to project company logos, etc., which are not available at other hotels. Cocktails before the party, award ceremonies, fashion shows, exhibitions, contests, and so on will be organized.

Atrium Bar